The conference is based on two broad topics, Semantic Web and Digital libraries and the convergence of both the technologies.

Digital Libraries:

  • Open Access to Information. Open Standards and Open Source Tools for OA
  • Digital Libraries Development
  • Tools and Techniques for managing digital repositories
  • Digital Resource Management strategies
  • Content Development: Policies
  • Content development: tools and techniques
  • Technology issues in Digital Services
  • Design of Digital Information Services
  • Digital Resource Organization
  • Retrieval issues in digital environment
  • Standards and specifications for digital objects
  • Metadata standards, Interoperability and Crosswalks
  • Varied media and format resources
  • Multilingual Digital Libraries
  • Patron interaction and facilitation tools
  • Digital Library applications and case studies
  • Digital Library and Semantic Web Projects and Case Studies
  • Long Term Digital Preservation
  • Digitization best practices

Semantic Web:

  • Semantic Web and Information Retrieval
  • Knowledge Organization and Ontologies
  • Architecture for Semantic Web
  • Technology and Semantic Web Modeling tools
  • Intelligent Agents in Semantic Retrieval
  • Semantic Portals and Semantic Web Services
  • Vocabulary and taxonomy development
  • Methodologies for ontology development
  • Best-practice examples and case studies
  • Tools for ontology development, analysis and comparison
  • Comparison and evaluation of ontologies
  • Ontology management, maintenance, versioning
  • Methodologies for ontology merging, alignment, and integration
  • Applications of Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web technologies and Digital Libraries
  • Semantic Markup: Languages and techniques

And any other topics under the two broad themes.